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Nutrition #01

Nuts about Nutrition!

Although originally, after having my 3 Honey Monsters, my main concern was about not feeling and looking like I was still 9 months pregnant, I soon realised the importance of understanding the role of nutrition in achieving optimum health, not only for me and my husband, as the 'busy' parents of triplets, but for the boys too.
My interest in nutrition developed further when in 2006, I contracted pneumonia. I was in denial - I was "too fit to have pneumonia"... As it turns out - I wasn't. This started my quest for knowledge about what had happened to my body to prevent it from fighting this invader. I didn't want to just pop pills that would only mask the problem and simply manage the symptoms. I desperately wanted to know 'why' those symptoms were there in the first place. And so began my quest to understand my own health; my journey culminated in January last year, when I achieved my Clinical Nutrition Diploma. I'm delighted and excited that I can help people to regain their health and prevent future illness through an understanding of nutrition and that my experience could help prevent someone else from having to endure something as nasty and debilitating as I did.
With the help of questionnaires, food diaries and an in-depth consultation, I can enable you to gain an understanding of your general health, with a view to improving your quality of life. Nutrition is preventive medicine - eating the right foods for you is like taking out an insurance policy for your future health.
The knowledge that we can learn together about your health and nutritional needs, enables you to take control of your life and reduces feelings of vulnerability.

"Optimum nutrition is the medicine of the future" Dr. Linus Pauling, twice Nobel Prize Winner.

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